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It is a residential project in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. As the name suggests this project is an example that how black screens can be used in this modern house and we all know that the apertures in the jali efficiently lessen the ingress of heat in the daytime. They also block the entry of direct sunlight, making for pleasant interiors. This feature is a boon for homes in hot-dry and hot-humid climatic regions. The biggest challenge was that the client wanted everything to be connected, and when the plot size is big, it becomes even more difficult to balance out the open and built spaces and yet connecting them at the same time, so my team members (Manya, Lubhit and Janhvi) gave a great input of placing an indoor pool at the center of the dining room, living room and bedroom so that it can act as connectivity between three of them and also will give a great ambiance to the place.

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